“Boneham had an outdated policy and procedure suite and had made no progress towards adoption of the new 8 aged care standards. We were in a precarious situation for accreditation and compliance. CDCS do so much more than help update policies and procedures. They help identify gaps, prioritise what is critical and support the entire management team through the quality improvement cycle.”

“Patience, an education ethos and one-to-one support for our key managers were the biggest differentiators between CDCS and other support agencies. CDCS understand what working remote/rural means, how time poor we all are and how we can benefit from targeted support in a timely way.”

“Climbing a mountain starts with a few small steps and with CDCS we had an active climbing partner showing us the route up our ‘accreditation mountain,’ providing us with resources and expertise and motivating us along the way until we got to the top. If you have your own mountain to climb, I can’t recommend any other organisation as a better ‘climbing buddy’.”

Stewart Blyth
Special Projects Manager, Boneham Aged Care Services

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