All community service organisations strive to develop a viable and innovative service that provides quality care for consumers. You are seeking engaged staff who are committed to delivering that person-centred care and quality outcomes you desire for your clients. You are also wanting to ensure you are not only compliant against standards, but your resources, policies and actions have an ultimate benefit for your client base. Here at CDCS we understand and can help you work towards your goals.

We have worked with a variety of community service organisations over the years and have found that two key areas where our support has been of benefit are in the areas of tailored resources and meeting compliance.

Resource Design and Development

Rather than take a ‘one size fits all’ approach we prefer to work with organisations to develop culturally appropriate, customised resources such as:

  • Policy and Procedures manuals
  • Care Worker Handbooks
  • Client Brochures and Information Packs
  • Client Assessment and Care Planning forms
  • Toolbox Talks and Training Materials


Service Renovation and Development

Coordinator trainingWe have received many compliments on the work we have done with organisations. Again, we prefer to work along side you rather than impose any ideas from outside. Yes, we can bring our knowledgable team in and can assist organisations to reach compliance against industry standards, but we seek to do this without compromising the organisation’s commitment to providing a culturally appropriate service to their target clients.

We assist organisations to:

  • Identify areas that require changing to meet industry standards
  • Develop their own internal audit systems
  • Support their own staff through training and mentoring



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