Staff training is a key ingredient in creating a responsive workforce able to deliver quality care your client base.

Workshop Training

Carrie training coordinatorsThe outcomes of a well facilitated workshop should not be under-estimated. We have noted the power that attending workshops has had on those services we have worked with. A workshop environment allows the participants to discuss identified issues and challenges and to formulate practical solutions to these. Participants are able to focus away from the day to day demands of their role and leave with knowledge and enthusiasm that empowers them to move their service forward.


EdnaCoordinators and Managers can find it difficult to prioritise their workload, finding themselves scrambling to meet deadlines and ill-prepared for quality reviews or industry changes. We have noted that formal one on one mentoring or coaching can be an effective way of supporting both existing and new staff members and bringing them up to a productive level in a shorter period of time.

The phone mentoring that CDCS provides focuses on assisting coordinators and managers to address identified issues in a timely manner and the support service compliance.

Training Resources

CDCS has worked with a number of organisations to develop resources such as aged care industry specific ToolBox Talks, Info Shares, Staff Handbooks and other guides that can support your organisation’s training plan.

Don’t have a training plan?

Contact us to discuss how we can assist your organisation with a tailored training plan and other resources.

Coming Soon – Online Training

We realise that it is not always possible or cost effective for us to deliver training on site to every aged care service who requests our support. After a number of requests from managers and coordinators we are in the process of developing a training program that will support people working in middle management with skill sets and knowledge related specifically to their role.

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