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If you are like most of our readers, you are passionate about making a difference in the community care (aged and disability) sectors.

You understand that a one-size-fits-all solution will not meet the needs of the people you support.

You want to make a difference, but perhaps like many of us you are short on time and this prevents you from keeping your knowledge current or being able to search for solutions to a problem.

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Why ‘Culturally Directed Care Solutions’?

We believe that people are their own experts when it comes to knowing what they want and what makes them happy. For some people, this comes through connection with their culture, be that from Indigenous, CALD or LGBTI backgrounds or other shared experiences such as with war veterans.

Here at Culturally Directed Care Solutions (CDCS) we work with people from a variety of backgrounds; listening to what they  want and being guided by their  cultural norms and needs. When we create resources for organisations, such as staff handbooks, brochures or client information packs, we take direction from the target audience. We observe, consult, gather feedback and make amendments until the end consumer is happy with the result, where they feel ownership over the resources. Essentially, we co-create.

This is why we exist. We believe that all people have the right to quality care and support, no matter who they are, what their cultural background is or where they live.

So who are we? 

Hi, I am Carrie Akhurst. For a number of years I lived and worked on remote Aboriginal communities with my family. I have an operational background in aged care, having been an aged care coordinator, manager and trainer. I have been working with remote aged care services as a consultant since 2002.

My passion is to empower coordinators and staff through knowledge. I know that if you understand the industry you are working in and the expectations of your role, you will provide exemplary care support to the people that you serve. I want to help you do that.

And I am Donna Cross. I grew up in the Central Australian town of Alice Springs. After studying management and governance-related subjects at university, I returned to my home town and worked for the Commonwealth Government  managing aged care programs across Central Australia. Later, I became an independent consultant advising health boards and aged care services on quality and compliance.

I have a passion for ensuring that staff and management are supported through strong management and governance structures.

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Now we’ve introduced ourselves, is there anything we can we do for you?

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