Training & Mentoring

Aged Care services often need more than just accredited training. While a great base accredited training, such as a Certificate III in Individual Support, can be limited. Specialised and focussed training is sometimes needed to educate staff and to increase efficiency.


Carrie training coordinators Here at CDCS we find that many organisations ask us to develop training workshops tailored to the organisations’ needs. We love this type of engagement as we find that staff learn more quickly in an environment where they can workshop issues and solutions. It is also a great networking opportunity and we have noted that teams become more grounded and are able to focus on key organisational and program directions.


Kell mentoring coordinator

Coordinating can be a lonely job, especially where the person works remotely from a head office. We find that many coordinators become caught up in the day to day operations of their service and don’t have the time to keep their knowledge current or address compliance areas. Their managers are equally busy and although supportive may not have the time or skills to devote to one-on-one mentoring. CDCS mentors and provide support and coaching by updating coordinators on key industry changes as they apply to their service, assisting the coordinator to focus on important compliance areas and being a sounding board for ideas or issues. It is the one-on-one attention we provide that many managers attribute to the evolving capacity of their senior coordination staff.

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