New Year - Compressed

What will you focus on this year?

I was reading someone’s blog where they had an affirmation that went ‘I don’t have to reach my potential, but I will do my best not to sleepwalk through my life’. What a great statement!

It made me think about my life and where it was heading – are there times when I am just letting things happen, waiting for the weekend when I can ‘have a life’ or letting opportunities pass me by because it’s just too hard to change or take action? What about you?

Coordinators and managers of aged care programs often get caught up in the day-to-day work load. You work hard and are dedicated to bringing about the best outcomes for your clients. But what about for yourself?

January, and the New Year in particular, is when people generally make resolutions but how long do they last? Perhaps if you made a resolution that you would ask yourself this question once every week, no other resolutions would be necessary. Your reflections might lead you to decide that, yes this week your action will be to take up a study course or book that holiday for next September, choose to make positive and necessary changes in your workplace or perhaps even change your workplace or work role.

I see too many people underselling themselves and their abilities. I encourage you to open your eyes to the world around you and your potential. Make this year a great one for yourself, those you love and those you care for.

Happy New Year!

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