Consulting, Support & Mentoring

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We work alongside organisations to identify solutions that will work in their unique circumstances. Our collaborative consulting approach involves working with you to identify the organisational gaps and the resources needed to resolve them. Co-creating leads to engaged staff and practical, long-term solutions that are sustainable.

Consulting, Support & Mentoring

More than a report, we work with clients to deliver hands-on training across all levels within an organisation, from daily care to governance. Training is critical to embed the expertise within the organisation. Our approach is designed to empower staff to improve outcomes.

As a business immersed in the aged care industry, we see the rate of change associated with the sector first hand. We know Coordinators and Managers find it difficult to prioritise their workload, meet deadlines and prepare for quality reviews, alongside industry changes. In our experience, one-on-one mentoring is an effective way to support staff and management to improve productivity and better meet organisational goals.

The mentoring that CDCS provides focuses on helping coordinators and managers address issues in a timely manner and support service compliance.

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