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We believe that our elderly are entitled to quality care. This is a fundamental right, no matter who the person is, their cultural background, their circumstances, or where they live.

We aim to make a difference by supporting service providers to deliver quality care. Our resources and tools help you meet compliance. We seek to create solutions that embed efficiency and productivity into aged care service delivery.

Over a 20 year period, CDCS has specialised in supporting CALD, remote, rural and regional communities. When we create resources, we observe, consult, gather feedback, and tailor, so you and your team are happy with the result.

Essentially, we co-create.

Meet The Team

Donna Cross profile

Donna Cross

General Manager

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Carrie Akhurst

Director of Operations

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Sue Miller

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Maggie Duncan

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Carole Stone

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Christabelle Baranay 

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Craig Cross

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Jane Gosche

Rene Gates

Our Artist – Blaise Dehon


Blaise is the creator of our unique, customised graphics and storyboards. These hand drawn pictures allow us to overcome language barriers to better meet the cultural requirements of our clients. Our storyboards are a solution that is not dependent on the limited use of personal photos. The pictures created by Blaise are used extensively in our client materials, such as client and staff handbooks and brochures.

Blaise is also a talented and in-demand cartoonist.

Young indigenous woman delivering meals on wheels to older indigenous woman
Older woman with a younger woman looking at a photo album
Elderly indigenous women watching television while having morning tea
Older man sitting in his garden with a shovel

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