The CDCS team are experienced in many different aspects of aged care management from Governance through to day to day operations.

Donna working with staff from aged care centreWe work alongside organisations to identify solutions that will work in their unique situation rather than coming in with the answers. This approach is what helps us stand out, we co-create and this leads to engaged staff and practical, long-term solutions that are sustainable.

Here is what some of the people who have worked with us have said:

“Regular site visits not only at head office but also remote communities meant that all members of the team felt valued and allowed each staff member the opportunity to receive one on one support and mentoring in their own environment. This has been conducive to building a team environment which is difficult to achieve when staff members are spread across a vast area. Also (valuable was) the continued support from the team after the project ended and willingness to provide advice on a range of aged care issues.”

Katie Snell,

Regional Aged & Disability Manager, Central Desert Regional Council

“The in depth knowledge each staff member of CDCS has about Aged Care in general, about the reforms and their impact in our environment, CDCS has an intimate understanding of the challenges we face on a daily basis. CDCS developed a full suite of governance and operational resources to ensure EARC has the tools to strive for best practice. I can genuinely say that on a personal note I am very grateful for this amazing opportunity. During this journey I have learnt so much not only about the sector but as a manager and these resources have made our jobs and our vision for the programs we run possible.”

Stacy Eley,

Aged & Disability Regional Manager, East Arnhem Regional Council.

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