It is really important to us that the work we do, whether that be a workshop, mentoring, training or consulting, addresses appropriately the issues the individual or organisation has identified and has been delivered in a way that meets the needs of the organisation.

Find out what some of those people have to say about the work we have completed with them.

“CDCS have exceeded the terms of their work scope and expectations we had of the assistance to be provided, often going the ‘extra mile’. The resources and training they have developed and provided have been excellent and their understanding and appreciation of cross-cultural challenges has helped underpin this.”

“Their support at a time of a transition of management was critical in providing appropriate orientation, mentoring and support. The systems and standards which they have helped Animparrinpi Yututju set up will also help future staff that work here.”

Glenis Wilkins & Marilyn Nungala

Aged Care Coordinator & Director – Animparrinpi of Yututju Aboriginal Women’s Corporation, NT

“The support from CDCS was great. Having access to useable resources and systems that are tailored to remote services allows our organisation to provide a superior service to clients.”

“It was great to have support on the ground from people who understand the remote aged care context.”

“CDCS provided knowledge that empowered both myself and staff; enabling us to build a strong and supportive team”

Liz Waltrich

Aged & Disability Coordinator – Central Desert Regional Council

“I strongly recommend that organisations utilise the CDCS Team; they have an enormous amount of knowledge, experience and patience. Each of the team members has their own particular area of expertise, which has helped us in all areas of our operations.”

Tracey Munckton

Community Care Facilitator – Julalikari Council Aboriginal Corporation Aged Care Service

“The CDCS team have a vast understanding of remote aged and disability services and always treat their clients with respect and in a culturally appropriate manner. CDCS are willing to work alongside the organisation to meet the desired outcome. The resources CDCS designed for our organisation have been invaluable.”

“CDRC have now been able to implement reform changes and are providing a uniform service across all communities where we provide aged and disability care. We have policies and procedures in place and guides, which assist remote staff to understand their roles and responsibilities. Client file set-up is now consistent across all communities. This will also allow CDRC to be in a better position to implement future reforms such as Increasing Choices in Home Care.”

Katie Snell

Manager Aged & Disability Services – Central Desert Regional Council, NT

“CDCS are a professional group with an extensive knowledge of the Aged Care arena. They have a demonstrated understanding of Indigenous culture and vast experience of the Northern Territory’s Aged Care environment. Their innovative and insightful approach to the work they do ensure confidence in their ability to achieve all desired outcomes and more.”

Stacey Eley

Aged and Disability Regional Manager – East Arnhem Regional Council

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