While September is the beginning of a new season (Spring) and many of us are feeling relief to see warmer weather and more daylight, it's also a reminder that summer is just around the corner. Updating Emergency Response Plans should be on your ‘to-do' list!

Many providers are also having Quality Reviews and Accreditation visits. Participants in our August ‘Audit Ready Compliance Bootcamp’ found the training and checklists hugely beneficial. We will run another bootcamp in November, so keep an eye out for that!

Dementia Action Week is this month, from the 18th to the 24th of September and you will find a link to resources on the Dementia Australia site in the Industry Updates section.

Some new training and resources have also been released, including the free ‘Improving Food in Aged Care through Education and Training program’ through the Maggie Beer Foundation. You will find links to the latest Aged Care Reform resources, recent webinars and program updates in this month's essential roundup.

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Latest CDCS Videos & Blog Posts

To respond to the needs of those working in the industry, CDCS has a range of blog posts on our website and videos that are freely available on our YouTube channel.

9 Ways to Prevent Skin Deterioration in an Older Person

It's easy to get lost in the whirlwind of lotions and potions in a world flooded with the latest skin-care trends and anti-aging remedies. But the undeniable truth remains that while we can delay some of the effects, we really cannot prevent the aging of our skin.

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Industry News

All Sector Updates

Aged Care Provider portal access (PRODA) reminder

Access to the PRODA portal expires every 12 months. Organisations need to renew their access before it expires. Your organisation’s administrator (A User) can do this for you.

The annual renewals for many A Users with access to Services Australia’s Aged Care Provider Portal are due in September 2023.

Aged Care Reform resources

The Department of Health and Aged Care has released a number of aged care reform fact sheets aimed at providing an overview of changes and keeping the industry and consumers up to date.

Webinar on the new Aged Care Act

A ‘Foundations of the new Aged Care Act’ webinar was presented by the Department of Health and Aged Care in August. Click here if you missed this and want to watch the replay.

Have your say on the new Aged Care Act

On Friday 4th August, a consultation paper, along with a series of factsheets and a survey, was made available on the Aged Care Engagement Hub. Your feedback will inform the drafting of the new Act. The consultation on the foundations of the new Aged Care Act is open until 8 September 2023.

Information for Local Governments and Councils on award wages

If you are a Local Government or Council providing aged care services, you might want to download this fact sheet to ensure you are compliant with the changes related to wage increases.

Banning Orders

A reminder to all providers to check the banning orders register on the ACQSC website to see if someone they are looking to employ or engage (including as a volunteer) has been banned from providing aged care.

There is a new form from the ACQSC in August for those who wish to vary or revoke banning orders.

Dementia Action Week

Dementia Australia is honouring Dementia Action Week, happening from the 18th to the 24th of September 2023. For more information visit the Dementia Australia site and see what is happening for a dementia-friendly future.

Dementia Australia also provides information resources translated into 38 languages other than English and is contracted to a NAATI-Certified Translation Service.

Translation Support

The Aged Care Reforms and the New Aged Care Act focus on person-centred care and the delivery of culturally appropriate and safe care which I'm sure we all agree is most important. There are many sites where you can find information on translation services and information on supporting our CALD clients. Here are some you may be interested in.

  • Different Languages, Same Aged Care ICON – Free translation service for government-subsidised aged care providers, peak bodies and Partners in Culturally Appropriate Care (PICACs) across Australia. To request a free translation of your information, log onto DOH&AC Translation Service. You can also call 1800 271 034 for more information or to request a translation.
  • Google Translate – Google Translate is a free online platform that is handy for developing letters and other documents that you want to present to clients in their language. Although we and other providers have generally found this platform provides a good translation, we would always recommend you have this translation verified by a native speaker to ensure the information is correct.

Changes to Reporting Processes

Residential care and home care providers will report through the Provider Operations Collection Form now, available through Government Provider Management System (GPMS). They will need to report on:

  • a statement signed by the governing body
  • diversity information
  • the most common kinds of feedback and complaints they received by each service
  • key improvements made to service quality
  • information on the members of their governing body
  • any individual who holds an executive position in the organisation (such as the CEO) for publication on My Aged Care.

If you need more information about the GPMS – here are some helpful links:

Aged Care Volunteer Visitors Scheme

Want to know more about the Aged Care Volunteer Visitors Scheme? The Department of Health and Aged Care ran a webinar on this program in August. Click here to watch the replay and find the accompanying slides.

Legislation Updates

Older people, their families and carers, providers and aged care workers can call the Food, Nutrition and Dining Hotline on 1800 844 044.

A dedicated Food, Nutrition and Dining (FND) Advisory Support Unit established within the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission (ACQSC) will improve the quality of food in aged care by providing:

  • annual spot checks for up to 720 high risk services
  • a dedicated hotline for food complaints, staffed by dietician specialists
  • clinical expertise to provide dietary advice to older people and providers
  • targeted referrals for dietitian-led menu and mealtime assessments, and linking to food and nutrition education programs

COVID Updates

COVID-19 advice for people in residential aged care homes and visitors.

Have you checked your IPC systems lately? The ACQSC released two self-assessment checklists on July 10th.

Infection Prevention and Control Week – 15th to 21st October 2023

Brush up your IPC with a new ACQSC Fact Sheet on Preparing for a COVID-19 outbreak that has been released in August, as well as Are you alert and ready? And there is Infection Prevention and Control Leads and Oral antiviral treatments for COVID-19 and influenza viruses in residential aged care services to review and share with your team.

NSW COVID-19 Critical Intelligence Unit.

For those of you with a keen interest in IPC or are an IPC lead, check the NSW COVID-19 Critical Intelligence Unit for further information on the latest research and findings.

COVID Vaccines
1.9.23 ATAGI update: Additional 2023 COVID-19 vaccination dose

Home Care Updates

Manual Updates

The Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) Manual has been updated in August.

The Home Care Packages Program Manual was also updated in August.

“What is SIRS?” fact sheet for care recipients

A “What is SIRS?” fact sheet was released by the ACQSC in August for home services care recipients. This fact sheet is available in 25 different languages.

Residential Care Updates

There are many updates and factsheets for August, check and review what is important for you to know and what to share with your team.

Resource Library – ACQSC

Mandatory Care Minutes

Want to understand more about the mandatory care minutes? Check out this recent webinar held by the Department of Health and Aged Care.

There is also a set of slides from the webinar.

Other information on mandatory care minutes and the 24/7 RN requirements can be found on the Department of Health website.

And click here for a provider readiness checklist.

Star Ratings

The Department of Health and Aged Care has updated the resource section on Star Ratings.

60-Day Prescriptions

From 1st September 2023, many patients living with an ongoing health condition who are stable on their current treatment will be able to receive twice the medication for the cost of a single prescription.

If you want to understand how this impacts residents, the Department has developed a fact sheet that provides an overview of the change and answers some common questions.

You can also click here to watch their webinar replay on the subject.

Department and Commission Newsletter Links

If you haven't subscribed for Department updates, you can do so by clicking here to subscribe.

If you’re not already signed up, we recommend clicking through and signing up for the Commission’s valuable newsletter.

CDCS Roundup for Busy People Newsletter

If you have others in your team who would benefit from our monthly aged care roundup for busy people – they can sign up here.

Industry Training, Webinars & Events

Supporting a Culturally Diverse Workforce

Run by: Centre for Cultural Diversity in Ageing
Date & Time: Tuesday 26th September 2pm – 3pm Melbourne time

This is a topic that will be relevant to many providers especially if they employ a number of staff from a range of cultural backgrounds.

Click here to register >>

What does good person-centred home care look like?

If you enjoy listening to podcasts you might want to check out this episode from COTA that explores what good person-centred home care looks like.

Free Industry-specific training available for cooks and chefs in the Aged Care Sector

Training via the Maggie Beer Foundation is now available. The first free online training modules are now available.

Orientation for Aged Care staff in remote locations

CDCS worked with the East Arnhem Regional Council and iTalk to develop this series of animated videos aimed at helping new staff understand what it means to work in the aged care industry and bring them up to speed quickly on key aged care concepts. Use these in your induction programs.

Governing for Reform

The Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission established this support program to help governing bodies understand their responsibilities and promote quality outcomes for consumers and residents.

All new Board members and executive management should take the opportunity to enrol in this program.

Ongoing workshops provided by the ACQ&SC

The Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission develops a range of educational resources and workshops for aged care providers, in-home services and residential services that assist in understanding what compliance looks like.

You can find these courses listed on the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission’s website under the Education tab.

Funding Opportunities

Grant Reference

Name of Grant

Closing Date

Information, Linkages and Capacity Building – Social and Community Participation Grant Opportunity

6 October 2023

2023–24 Volunteer Grants

July to December 2023

For more information on any of these grants, refer to the GrantConnect website.

Australian College Nursing ACN

Scholarships are available for aged care workers to develop their skills and gain qualifications. The opportunity is open to:

  • enrolled and registered nurses
  • personal care workers
  • allied health professionals

SDAP – Services Development Assistance Panel

Don’t forget, if you are an aged care provider (residential or community care) operating in rural or remote locations, you may be eligible for support through the Service Development Assistance Panel (SDAP).

CDCS has been a panel member since the inception of this program in 2010 and has supported over 40 aged care services with compliance, business development, training and resource development.

Get an idea of what can be done with SDAP.

Further information is available on the Department’s website, including the application form, or by emailing sdap@health.gov.au.

Jobs in Aged Care


Organisation & Location

Closing Date

Muslim Care, Hurstville, NSW

when filled

Muslim Care, Hurstville, NSW

when filled

Muslim Care, Hurstville, NSW

when filled

East Arnhem Regional Council, Ramingining

when filled

East Arnhem Regional Council, Galiwinku

when filled

East Arnhem Regional Council, Darwin or Nhulunbuy

when filled

Central Desert Regional Council, Laramba

when filled

Central Desert Regional Council, Alice Springs

when filled

Barkly Regional Council, Ali Curung

15 September 2023

NOTE: If you have a position that you would like us to promote, please hit ‘reply’ to this email so we can include it in the next newsletter and/or post on our Facebook page: CDCS – Culturally Directed Care Solutions.

New In The TQP Members Resource Area

Total Quality Package logo - for aged care compliance

You’ll find a full list of the updated policies, procedures and other helpful resources that have been updated in the last month below. We're committed to helping your organisation meet compliance and deliver quality outcomes.

If you don't have access to the TQP and you’re looking for comprehensive, industry-specific policies, procedures and work instructions that have been used successfully by dozens of aged care providers, helping them to easily pass quality reviews and stay compliant, then take a look at the Total Quality Package.

Resource updates in the last month

Home Care Policies, Procedures & Work Instructions


Diversity, Inclusivity and Cultural Safety Policy V1 – replacing Diversity & Cultural Safety Policy V3

Diversity, Inclusivity and Cultural Safety Procedure V1 – new

Service Management:

Responding to a Serious Incident (SIRS) in Home Care – updated

Residential Care Policies, Procedures & Work Instructions


Diversity, Inclusivity and Cultural Safety Policy V1 – replacing Diversity & Cultural Safety Policy V3

Diversity, Inclusivity and Cultural Safety Procedure V1 – new

    Care & Case Management


    Vulnerable Clients Checklist Template (Residential Care) V1 – new

    Toolbox Talks & Info Shares

    Identifying Vulnerable Clients V1 – Info Share – new

    Most of the collection of Toolbox Talks has also been translated into Arabic and is now available.

    Human Resource Tools & Forms

    Aged Care Worker Orientation Slideshow – new

    TQP Live Training & Replays

    TQP Members get complimentary access to regular LIVE training and education sessions. These are aimed at the coordination and management level and address trending issues and topics. Recordings are available in the TQP to revisit whenever you need – just like having your very own ‘Aged Care Netflix!’ 😁

    TQP recordings - aged care compliance

    Our last two topics included:

    • Unsupported Clients
    • Identifying Vulnerable Clients

    We hope you have found this edition helpful; feel free to share it with others who may be interested. If you have any feedback or questions, please let us know by emailing us at info@cdcs.com.au.

    Please get in contact with us if you need support and we’ll catch up with you again next month.

    Donna, Carrie & the CDCS Team

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